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Waste of money

I wanted to try this app seeing that this is the only one for Blogger and was unfortunately let down. I can see that this app still needs a a lot of work. It doesn’t give you an option to adjust the sizing of your photos which is most important to me when working on a new post. Other than that it seems okay, but I was hoping for more functionality and easy access to the options that it gives you, yet it’s so tedious and quite annoying.

Want photos? Don’t use this!

I bought this to upload photos to my blog. It tells me it’s uploading, then nothing. I am very disappointed that I wasted money on this.

Doesn’t upload photos

It doesn’t upload photos. Please fix asap

It doesn’t work.

It doesn't upload pictures. I want my money back.

Works great

I was skeptical when I read all the negative reviews, but I was desperate to get something to write my blogs with my I Pad 2, so I took a chance. Everything is working great. It interfaces perfectly with Blogpot. I can upload pictures. Write, preview and edit my posts. No complaints at all.

Still broken!!

I love this app until the last update, it won’t upload my photos anymore on my iPhone X. Please fix it soon. The update two weeks ago didn’t fix anything.

Not compatible with IPad

When i try to update my posts, the app goes straight to my website instead of stay on the app. I used to be able to work from the app, but it’s no good now.

Can’t post

I’ve had this app for a week now and I have not been able to post any blogs. I attempted to write a lengthy one to begin with and then could never get it to post. It kept asking me to save changes but at the end I had to cancel out and nothing posted. Disappointed :(

Doesn’t work

Cannot upload photos. Waste of money


Loved it until this last update. Won’t even open without crashing. Please fix!

So upset! Used to be great!

What The HELL? I have used this app and blog forever and now that it’s not updated I can no longer use it. LAME! I’m so bummed. I loved this app.

Pleeeease update App

I loooove this app, it’s so great and easy to use! Ever since I can’t get on it due to lack of update I can’t find another blogging app to upload what I write. I don’t want to switch apps, I enjoyed Blogger so much especially since it is already linked to my Google acct.

Really Bad App - Doesn’t Work

I thought surely this app must have been repaired since the bad reviews, so thought I’d give it a chance. Boy was I wrong! It couldn’t even add a picture to a post - now that’s bad. $2.99 isn’t much money, but to just have someone take it is just plain wrong. Why is this app even available for sale?

Won’t open.

Can’t even get the app to open. Terrible.


It crashes as soon as I try as I open it. Not good at all. Fix it so it works with the newest iOS 11.2

Doesn’t crash anymore!

I love this app now and it doesn’t crash once I post something. This is perfect! Thank you!

Crashes at launch after update

Now what?

Pics don’t upload

I kept trying to upload photos from my phone and although the progress bar showed something was happening, nothing really happened. Waste of money. I would like a refund or a fix to this issue.

Crashes regularly

I rarely write reviews, but took the time to come in here and find the app to write this. This crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME I publish my post. I have to reopen the app to see if it actually posted. I have tried to give the app a chance, hoping that updates would fix this. After six months of periodic checking, I have given up on this app and gotten a new one.

Sound of 2.99$ flushing down the toilet

At least you can write a blog in it. Other than that, the app is completely worthless, basic, and crappy navigation.

Complete Rip-off - Save Your Money

This app is pathetic.

Deleted 3 posts

So disappointed, I spent so much time uploading pics and writing to have all 3 deleted. Nowhere to be found. DO NOT USE.

Deleted post and...

The most recent update deleted my current post and I can no longer update posts. It is now a one shot deal. Can't add to or correct post

App deletes posts

Had my post deleted multiple times. I think I figured out what's wrong. Basically any time I try to "preview" an already published post, it deletes it.


This app just deleted two of my most recent blog posts, one of which I had not yet backed up. I deleted the app off my phone before it could do any more damage. Completely ruined my day.


"Added" photo never added. Tried multiple times even closing and reopening app, and rebooting iPhone. Useless. Wasted $3.

Update fix

This app worked perfectly until the update on July 6, 2017. Now it crashes again and will not upload photos. Please revert back to previous version.

Wish I read the reviews before I wasted $$

You can't post a picture. Totally useless. A really really bad app. The developer replies to people that it is fixed. This is absolutely false. Do not buy. Developer : do you ever test your app before you put it out there ? You have done and select backward. I am supposed to click select. And then select pics. There should be the done button available. But instead you show select button when you should show done. Fix it or refund my money asap.

Don't Waste Your Time & Money

I can't post. I can't post pictures from my phone. It's completely useless.

So bad

I can't save changes at all! And I can't add photos. Not sure how y'all expect me to manage my blog when I can't do anything with blog. Awful please fix this. It won't show me my drafts. Beyond frustrating!

Waste Money

Never Nerver Never download this app!!!

Waste of money

I cannot upload photos to my posts!

I waisted my money

Folks I never ever complain but I have to here. After reading your response to bad reviews I thought you fixed things so I purchased the app. You did not fix anything. You do not give me a chance to preview the draft! Any time I click on a post it automatically goes into edit mode! I want to see what it will look like on Blogger before I publish it. Because I cannot preview a post it makes this app completely useless! I do not want to write a new post and not get to see how it will exactly look. I want to see if the graphics fit. I want to see if the bold titles look good. I cannot do any of this with this app! Also, you do not have the option to take a photo from your phone or iPad (which you said we could do). You only have the choice to pick a photo from your camera roll. I really would like you to return my money. This app is nothing like you said it was. In order to edit I would have to post using this app and then open up Blogger in Safari or Chrome and preview my post from there! That makes no sense! Please do not respond to this by saying you fixed it because you did not. By the way, there are three dots next to the "save" option in the upper right corner. When you click on the three dots you are supposed to get options, kind of like a drop down menu. Well in this app nothing happens when you click the three dots! Understand, I do NOT want to publish anything without being given the opportunity to preview the post.

Great and easy app!

Really easy to use and learn. Publish and edit blogs quickly. It's not very technical but it gets the job done.


Blogger will not let me access my blog to post content

Won't save

The app isn't letting me save my posts and it only allows one photo upload at a time.

Impossible to upload photo

Impossible to upload photo. Impossible to publish the post from edit mode. Want my money back

This version is doing what I need

It supports for photo post which is great. I find no other app can do this so simple but not implemented task. Update: thanks for fixing bugs, it works well now



Waste of space and time

I have never actually taken the time to review an app before. But this one got me to. I downloaded it for both my phone and my iPad, thinking it would be helpful to blog/edit on the go. However this app does NOTHING. It auto refreshes every time you leave the app without saving. And even if you DO save your progress, it doesn't get stored. Incredibly frustrating to work and work only for it to be lost. Don't waste your time with this app. It is completely useless and you will only end up wasting space on your phone. And time from retyping everything.


Every post I type, no matter the device, is deleted once I save it, losing all of my work. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!

Why bother?

This app does not work in any functional way whatsoever. I can press buttons on the screen all I want but they are unresponsive. I've tried downloading Chrome, as well, to update my blogspot blog, but the functionality there is also lacking. Headache after headache. Considering porting my entire blog over to Wordpress.

This app is horrible!!!

I am so frustrated that the previous app was removed from use. This version does not allow uploading pictures, and it will not even show many older posts that I would like to re visit, edit, and share again. My blogging has come to a nearly complete halt because I cannot get anything to update. Please bring back the old app, or get this one to work! 😒


Please fix the picture feature or we all have to find a new blog option :-( the old app won't work and this one is good for text only. I posted a photo it's extra large and I don't understand the symbols. Why! Why blogger are you wrecking such a wonderful app just charge us for the old app why why why

Doesn't Work

I just installed the app and it tells me I've exceeded my daily quota limit. What is that about? I can sign into my blog but that's it. There is nothing else. I can't see posts, write posts, save posts, or post posts. Deleting as soon as I submit this review. So disappointed.

Stop deleting my posts when I save them.

I liked this app before, but after the latest update it constantly deletes my posts when I hit save. I have to copy the text and post it in my notepad every time just in case it doesn't save it properly. This app was supposed to come in handy when I want to post something when I am not at home and it has just become a headache to deal with. Fix this please!

This APP does not work

No need to download this App; it does not work. It does not save any edits to blogs.

Terrible app no autosave!!!

Closed my phone to talk with a friend after writing for 30 minutes and all of my progress was lost. Terribly frustrating.


I am trying to find an app to replace the blogger app that has disappeared from the App Store so I can blog from my phone. I only take pictures with my phone now and it would be so nice to upload the pictures into a blog post and edit it from my phone. This app will let you create a post but you cannot upload any pictures. Additionally, you cannot save a draft. It publishes without any opportunities to save for later or schedule publishing date. You also cannot save an online draft for editing on other devices. Straight to publishing with this app. A failure for my purposes.

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